As a site, Farthing Road is a homestead for Dee Pennyway’s online written work. It contains stories, essays, poetry, think pieces, or anything else its author might decide to share.

Dee is a playwright, blogger, and game designer. He also does documentation and business analysis for software and game development companies. If you have a project and you’d like to bring Dee in, please use the form on the Contact page with some details about your team and the work you’re doing.

Why is there a Patreon link?


Artists need funds in order to create art. Those funds can come in the form of a day job, or of selling art online or in stores, or getting art published or performed. Or it can come in the form of donations. I plan on tapping all of these methods at some point, but eventually I would like to focus all of my energy on my art, and that means building a base of support that can eventually replace the income of a typical 9-to-5.

That’s what the Patreon link is for.Don’t donate if you can’t afford it, or if you don’t think the content here is good enough to warrant your donation. If you can donate, any size contribution will help by enabling Dee to pay for conferences, purchase new writing equipment, and other expenses.

If you can’t or don’t want to donate, that’s totally fine too. Just share the posts you enjoy with your friends, let your pals know about the site. More readers are always welcome.