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Prologue: The Storm

The beaches of Luckwater Island were pearlescent, shimmering with the moon's quiet light as the waves lapped at the shore. The Wide Sea was calm today, not a cloud in sight. The only wind was a gentle breeze from the west.

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The Christmas War: Part One

The first chapter of "The Christmas War" - now compiled for your reading pleasure.

06: Chimneys

Happy Christmas.

05: Rudolph

Chestnut sees the reindeer, and has an idea.

04: A Beautiful Mess

Peter Black is late for breakfast.

03: Kaleidoscope

Two elves reflect on the march of progress.

02: The Open Fire

Chestnut the carpenter learns a new trade.

01: The Twice-Checked Ledger

A cold wind blows. Some things never change.

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